St. Augustine Community Band

Executive Board

Richard Blair, Assistant Artistic Director

Richard Blair

Like many of us I started my music pursuit at an early age.  Piano lessons at seven and instruments (clarinet and guitar) at nine.  I played all instruments vigorously throughout my HS years achieving All-State High School Band in Junior and Senior years.  Then, as is so often the case, the 45 years the instruments languished.

While the playing skills may have suffered, the other skills involving performance and self-confidence, teamwork, constant desire to improve and alike were carried through a successful executive career and lead to a lot of enjoyment if only as an audience member.  In retirement, beginning circa 2002, I dusted of the old clarinet, took some lessons (again), switched to Bass Clarinet and have been active in several ensembles including the Saint Augustine Orchestra, Northeast Florida Conservatory Band and the Old City Clarinet Ensemble.


President: Flo Sharp
Vice President: Michael Mann
Treasurer: Debbie Iuso
Secretary: Carol Markey
Board Member: Steven Marr
Board Member: Robbie Zaukauskas
Musical Director: Geoffrey S. Magnani
Ass't Artistic Director: Richard Blair
Marketing Director: Beth Allan Kellam

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